The Crows Are Singing

•July 9, 2015 • 1 Comment

The Crows are singing 

As the cold night air brings 

Eyes are sleeping sleeping 

Swirling the wind sings 
Through caverns and cracks 

Howling the shutters smack 

An eternal rhythm rhythm

Of silent songs and air of black 
Shivers goosebumps blanket night 

Hold on my dear so tight tight 

Winter is here in all its glory 

Brace the cold try as you might 
> Turukai< 
Lol a little fun 


Dancing on the Wind

•February 21, 2015 • 2 Comments


What is this field that upon my feet tread
Softly spoken the wind tenderly caresses
Silent unseen only the soft tips of luscious fingers
Infinitely caress delicate hairs upon my cheeks
Only the rustle of the leaves beguile its presence
Unseen she meanders swirling twirling dancing
In and around the trees she folds herself

Ah but she in her gentle flow swirls liquidiously
Through over under wrapping herself around
My infinite soul
As the tender gentle caress of my dear lover

Woven is he deep within my heart
Unseen is the forces that have bound us together
Through time and space upon eons of time
Deep in the depths of the most secret of caverns
My love you cemented your soul unto me

As the wind she dances merrily upon the glade
Of this ancient forest I stand before
Ancient the trees and solid the boughs
So indeed is the love that caresses my soul

Ancient by design that which cannot be explained
But the keys to the soul contained within
Opened my heart and filled my inner core
Profound this happiness that dwells within me

O my love I beseech unto the wind in endless twirls
A love that pours from the very depths of my soul
I am indeed yours upon which thine eyes cast themselves
Alive my senses shrilling with internal happiness

As the wind mighty she is dances upon the glades
Coursing a heavy sigh upon fine soft fabric
Exposing the soft feminine curves
Desperately waiting the return of her love

Tenderly reaching out my fingers dance
Playing an endless game as the wind should
Caress my fingers and in that moment
I close my eyes

My love you appear.


Time is Done

•January 2, 2015 • 1 Comment
Time shall not erase what you meant
Nor the freedom you gave me
On the currents of a silver cloud
You helped me spread my wings
You awakened my inner core
And healed the chasm of my heart
Showed me a different way
Helped me reconnect
Your job my love is done
Set me free into the night I fly
On silver tipped wings
Iridescent and gold they shimmer
For I am the night that comes
I am the light that kissed your soul
Fear not for I am never gone
But I am free above the whispering tides
The choices you make now are for you
Remember the love not the pain
There is no punishment to give
Only fondness of a time shared
Let go, let go she whispers
Be free and fly
Return inside your soul and embrace
Your being
Never forgotten eternally loved
But our time is done


The Revel

•December 22, 2014 • Leave a Comment

take me higher

Shadows fall skin alive

Glistening light like droplets

Faded comfort in a darkness

Only through closed eyelids

Does the endless wave eb


Annihilate my senses

Taken, Stirred , re calibrated

Twisted rays of sight fall

Should I open my eyes

Should I let go

Swirling these currents of desire

My soul soars

Only to be ignited by your touch

Through valleys of darkness

My shadow walks

Guild ed lights of gold surround

Surreal this feeling

Balanced on the fine edge

Reality sleeps

Consciousness expands

What I give sets alight

A flame within you

Set forth this path of passion

I see you

Deep within the darkness

Sight taken, the binds tight

Yet my breath takes you higher


Am I

Unbound your release

What rises

Claws, gnashing teeth


The lion within

O help me Mother

For the one I have awakened

Within my wildest dreams

He comes

The slow steady beat of passion

Snarling teeth bared

Yet I see his soul vulnerable

Claws plunge deep within me

 I am alive

Breathing, awake , set free

In that moment I see all

Deep are the claws that rake my skin

Yet delicate is the touch

Making me climb higher

You are the Light The Dark

Encompassed into one being

And I the catalyst

Finally shedding my skin

A new reborn

I am within you without you

Fire, Flame , Desire , alive

Merged on a consiousness

Beyond Time Beyond Space

We are one


What was

What is

What is yet to come

I have found you



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Take me,

Mold me,

Shatter my senses

A thousand pieces

Fallen too the floor

In a flood of release

Put me back together


Under the rays of moonlight

Light dapples across

Breathless skin


Down into the Abyss

Swirling currents of your soul

Surround me

Waves of want and desire


Merged on currents


Unearthly realms

Out of the darkness

Emerges a shimmering light

that is you

Illuminating the way forward

Delicate your touch

Hands glow under the shards

Of the moon,

Elation the feel of your kisses

Close my eyes and leap

Into the warmth

That is Your Soul



•December 12, 2013 • 3 Comments



“Mine!” He whispers

Softly it falls from his lips

In a slow long drawn out whisper

Binds hold me tightly

My eyes closed by the silken fold

Cold is the floor upon my knees

Anticipation my ridgid body awaits

Nothing but to Please the will of my Sir

Nothing but the sweet delight of whats next

Pain the release to the pleasure held back

Everythought exhilerated by denial

Parted lips breath escapes

Wrapped around my flesh a sting

Replaced caring hands sooth the fire

Igniting another flame within

Endless this ride controlled

Giving caring yet relentless

A glint of an eye , a sly smile

Melts the very core of my soul

Stripped bare before him

But in my vulnerability

I am his

And he gracious of the gift

As the collar gentle upon my neck

Reflect in his eyes.

“Mine!” He Whispers

And my Soul Soars


Velvet Fold

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Cast down my eyes

A journey through my soul




Hidden behind the velvet folds

Sleeps the raw

Would I be judged

For a choice not understood

Could this boiling need

Bound upon knees willing


A futile effort for acceptance

Yet the hands that guide me

Expose me

Transform me

Revealed, I flower

Budding  true beauty

Within the confines of the velvet fold

She awakens

Passion found awakened desire

Such tenderness unfolds this soul

Sleeping giant

The Vulnerability of exposure

Yet with every touch


Transpires an infinite awakening


Honouring the waking desire

Through release

I am free