Love Divine

Silent upon the flames of earth they walked

Bonded together through eons of time

Fire eyes melded in tune with eyes of night

Crystal blue where the eyes they spied

For he was the one who boldly entwined with both

They each not aware of the intricacies of connection

Fire springs forth from each heart

To the one that binds them both

By design not one can let go

Woven deep within the senses

Break in the connection causes so much pain

Sun rises, Sets replaced by moon so brilliant

Does it shine the same where you are?

Are the cry’s upon the wind

Do you feel what I feel

Is the question?

Melded thought

Welded together like there is not a clock in sight

Stand back is the wielded sword of one

Held high the Golden Shield of the other

And still he stands stead fast in his gaze

To look upon both with equal desire

Held at bay by the words wielded from lips divine

Blue flame projected to yearning hearts

Set beyond this space of reality

But meshed through moulded perfectly

How the hearts yearning so distantly controlled

By passion unyielding confined within each cup

Knowledge silent kept keys locks upon each heart

But yet tis unbound the knowledge each one holds

That eons of time is no secret to love felt

Held together by a common bond

How sweet this thread across seas held close

Woven by threads of silken silver

Cannot be broken, cannot be severed

Divine this love they all feel


The Mirror

Astral humanity carries the knowledge of the beast,the living cannot teach the dead but the dead can instruct the living empty faces,bodies moving but hearts are not beating nor is their blood warm once their heads severed,legion that shuns no sacrifice their lives have already been given.Certain of their destiny,they were ready to merge in cosmos until I Kiuas Ialkanun got there.Walking on a black earth towards a dead sun the Black moon Ceremony had begun,with my white sword raised.I faced the battle,were you there I say,did you witness this blood bath,as the warrior within showed no mercy for souls dead need none ,weapons of distrust at their sides,the stench of their bodies infused in my nostril fireing action to defuse,abandon human face & flesh incorporeal, but surrounding all of us in the other dimension demons twisted where the words of man,no hallucination as foretold spilled before from the mouth of a fake Witch,truth over comes all evil slander,let the mirrors reflect back in her face to reveal back at her what she herself be,my guide informed me,I reach where the serpent Dark Lords & Creatures dwell,they will devour themself,Kius Ialkanun will fight before anything to fulfil the prophecy, were demons were ready to set the world on fire!….~ Rayvhenwing ~


~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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