At The Feet of Osirus I Wait

At the feet of Osiris I lay

Down to the depths at Osiris’s feet

In a spoon fed landscape

Torn broken weeping

Nothing but red sweeping planes

Of fire rock and murderous clouds

Eyes cast upon the gates

Within the mountain blackened

False night befall my eyes

Hush child he says

Cold hand that rests upon my head

Reach I do to the gate

The chains provide false hope that

I can go

Bound I am

At the feet at this merciless god

Let me follow

You cannot he says

Words searing deep within veins

Cut them out

Try I do but seething within

For every grip they hide

How sweet the pain

Torturous the reality

Thousands of times I have

Sat at your feet I cry

Nothing but merciless laughter

Greets gritty tears

You cannot follow

Tear me apart

Show me how

You cannot follow he replys

No prayers of satisfaction betray

The silence that holds fast

As again I watch the gates

A dog chained upon the feet

Of one who befalls all

Silently kept

Held within

Torturous screams haunt my ears

Only that laughter

As he says

See child you have passed through


Nothing you are now

Weep you can

But there is not your journey

Always you sat at my feet

They brought you screaming

Now you find comfort

Sit with me

Watch as they torment inside

Some will return

Some will not

But you with me will see

You my child unleashed

As each soul returns

Return them to the space of peace

Show them the light that you have found

But for one

You cannot

For it is his choice to return

Only then will the debt be repaid

Only then will the chains that bind you

Hold you to me be released

Screaming laughter filled my ears

Sweat covered my skin

Denial I have entered

For this cannot be so



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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