Through endless walks the soul journeys

Time spent through lessons learnt

Each last breath the mist silently takes

What are these memories these paths we remember

Endless murmurings through star galaxies and grid design

Brings closer alignment and understanding to a path well tread

Figments of the imagination or reality experienced

Star patterns fall swiftly before closed eyes

Bodies filled with light stand before thee

Pillars of light impaled upon their form

Smiles encase faces so serene with arms outstretched

Silently they ascend beckoning to follow

How? for I am physical form I cannot

Laugh they do at my idle and restless murmurings

Lessons have not taught you well they say

Tunning harmonics ring within the confines of thought

Fluttering through heart space Vibrations follow

Thousands of butterfiles confined within the chest

Images are all you give I say endless pictures flow steadily through mind

Visual you are the pattern of your learning they say

O but to convey my artistic hand falters

These images this experience so divine

Grid patterns so eloquently placed upon a universe so vast

Tora portals fall silently within the grid

Beckoning silently they wait for understanding

The blue pill the red pill the matrix laughs upon the soul

Keys emerge through skin so delicate

Fingers trace the path behind them grasping but for a moment

A dream a vision unlocks the door and the key bursts forth

Patterns seen so clearly

Ah the path of the souls so uniquely intricate by design

Trepidation excitement for each key released from within

Open the eye for yet it blinks and remains clouded

But yet through restless murmurings and sleeping waves

Endlessly pounding upon a shores of reality

The mind journeys through the souls path

And in time All is revealed



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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