Awareness understanding and knowledge

Time and thought has been placed in the concept of connecting to Higher Self, but higher self is marred with the thoughts and beliefs that it is and external, an embodiment of the current conscious mind. That it is this divine entity that exists outside the current understanding of who you are and what you are.

The current stasis of the mind is the construct of your environment, your surroundings and what you have been fed. Natural aspects of your thought process and what you have experienced takes you on a journey to seek out and understand just what you are. Your religious beliefs the constant seeking of enlightenment takes you on a never ending quest to connect to Higher Self because that is what you have been told.

What if this is just related to your consciousness the ability to see that your mind is far greater that what you currently perceive it to be, it is only what you are taught, see and experience that creates limiting beliefs and thought.

One of the most profound quotes that I have read was this;

“All creation is the result of consciousness. The Super Conscious Mind contains
within itself the possibility as well as the probability of creating anything and
everything that can be conceived with mind…The possibilities are “Infinite.”


Effectively is the Higher Self just a state of Super Consciousness, the ability to see beyond what you have been taught, the realisation that you are infinite in the aspects to which you can take your minds eye and create the reality that you wish to create.

Is it about releasing the thought patterns that you have been fed, that has kept you in this state of constant question and turmoil. How do you see your Higher Self? If you perceive your Higher Self as this light bodied entity that sits above you in infinite space then I challenge you to look again. Because the words infinite space are your key to the realisation that your mind is free. Your mind takes you on your journey, the lessons you are taught are only human constructs of aspects of law that initially was fed down to control and keep you in a state of fear.

Free your mind and realise that yes there are aspects of respect, honour and knowledge that you have been taught which are only the foundations that keep you grounded on the path to which you all so naturally seek.

Not one of us I believe; although we wish to be the Buddha, think that sitting underneath the tree and seek to understand the great gift of sight is constructive. At what part of doing this do we give up the experience of life. Are we so fearing of the concept of the Prophets? Knowing they walked the Earth and spoke of the times that we are going through right now in our lifetime. They all spoke of the same thing, they all spoke of the same infinite construct that we are so sweetly seeking.

How much of your vibration will you give to seeking conspiracy theories that keep you locked in a state of questioning and defined loss.

It is the moment the soul realises that no matter what has been taught, what has been indoctrinated, is all just a foundation to allow the mind to travel to the possibilities that are inherently infinite.

The Alpha and the Omega of your consciousness! However when you look upon the symbol of the circular snake you will see that the Alpha is the start point, the Omega is the end point but there is no break in the circle so therefore it is infinite. Consistently circling in a perfect circle to your eyes but a spiral to those that see the infinite construct behind it. There is no end nor is there a beginning!

You have all been here before, you have all experienced many lives, over and over again. Only this time you have released the binds of what Karmic debt you have, and now you are free to understand that your consciousness is not something that sits outside yourself, it is not something that you must enter into a quest that forces you to crawl upon your knees in gratitude and servitude to show that your are worthy.

When you release this construct this perception, you will realise that your mind is free, it is only the neuron pathways that have the ability to change that creates what you perceive as a positive ideal.

See that your Higher Self is actually just a state of super consciousness; it is a state where you are infinitely aware, and that your consciousness is as large as you want it to be. So if you are choosing to connect to your Higher Self consciousness then effectively you are choosing to expand that infinite neuron pathway that exists in your mind. You have been shown this in your biology classes but still you look at this as an external force. If you just sat quietly and released all ego, indoctrination then you will connect or start to connect to that Alpha and Omega aspect and begin that spiral to that Higher Consciousness, and with each realisation, with each understanding, a light bulb moment goes off in your head, that Oh!!!! is that what that was.

The trick is we have so much information about this, and still we choose to release our own understanding that others that hold the answer but yet, if we go inside and begin the spiral of consciousness we will begin to realise that this is infinitely with in all of us. ~Turukai~



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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