Dark Queen

Ripping shredding tearing of emotions

Where do you think I sit in this reality

Foolish heart thinks your lying

Again drawing me in

What is it that you want

Tearing searing burning you flay

Skin off my body liquid hate

How you rage where I hide

What is this world the line has been crossed

I promised peace

The pain that followed serene but torture

Claws spread whelts deep on alabaster skin

Red raw the flesh that falls

Caged in thought so cut to you

Where you gave love I enacted pain

How tortured I am deep within this torment

Nothing will heal the chains that bind

Forever I will test

Pushing you to the brink of insanity

Testing every emotion

How strong you stand

On the edge of the cliff

As I hold the last shred of your clothing

Learing laughing I draw you in

Loathing daring egging you on

What fool walks the path to my heart

Nothing but pain and sufferance will you find

Lies nothing left but the dark one standing strong

Yes for there once was the Dark Lord that stood

Upon the wilderness of ages

But now the Dark Queen takes hold

Of the fragile heart that she took

Promises made on winds she caught

Now cackling with the soul she held

So now I stand strong and fast

With streaming tears I weep

How did I sell this soul now she holds it

Controls each thought each embrace

What a fool I was

Beguiled by Orrin drawn in so deep

Only to see it was her that held it

A sorceress so strong and infinite

Who held my heart to sweetly

Split from my oversoul she was

My twin upon ages

Pure dark begot of pure light

She held my chains

Where my sister you sit in space

Laughing at my pain

Release me now is all I ask

Or death is my only release




~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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