Every 3rd 6th, 12th DNA sequential string replaced by crystal string,  as activation occurs it moves through the DNA sub strands forcing them to align and crystallise increasing the vibrational frequency of resonation.

Harmonic alignment points within the body exist as access points through the charka system there are 64 harmonic levels each resonating at high middle and low key notes. They sounds at which these points resonate activate the crystal strings within the DNA sequencing codes.  Harmonic sound waves are being transmitted to the earth through the Sun in the current process of shifting.

Lemuria as we already were Crystaline in nature but the earth wasn’t the Great Activation Crystals were used by connecting through out bodies, when activating with the Crystals Harmonic tuning was used and created waves like what a tuning fork would. With each sound the harmonics would force the crystals to vibrate and began creating grid the Crystal Matrix over the earth.


In our current incarnation  this time the Crystal Matrix has been created in reverse, the completion phase of the Crystal Matrix has already completed and the activation codes within the human body have slowly been turned on since 1989. The current activity of the Sun increasing in vibration is causing pressure waves in the Earths atmosphere, and activating the Crystal Matrix. This activation is raising the frequency of the earth and resonating at harmonic alignment sound waves which are now starting to activate in human DNA strands and getting her prepared to shift into 5th cosmic dimension where she will again resonate at the Vibration that she needs. The Vibrational frequency as it increases will begin to be felt like a shaking of the earth. Each person with the Crystal String already activating will have and acceleration phase that they will enter into and find that in the next two months the will unconsciously shift density and become crystalline, Those who have already made the shift to pure crystalline DNA sequence and have activated all coded strings will begin to blink in and out of current 3d existence as the earth does. Kinda like a hologram flickering in and out by December 2012, those Crystal Matrix gridders who activated the grid all 144,000 will resonate up with the earth into the new aspect.

Then the current earth will become the hologram and the new earth will become real it will take another 3 years from that time for the remainder of the people who are to make this transition to begin forced activations as the fear of the earth shaking will make them accept the shift and start moving their bodies through the change.



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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