Fallen Silent

Fallen silently upon the nails with welcoming need

Release the binds happiness replaced with searing pain

Restless lost in mortal coils of life nothing is right

Only the torturous heart where nothing remains

Wind and rain caress thy face blurred the silence

Where once sweet smiles only tears erase lines of happiness

Rain hides liquid paths of tears that stream

Fabric sticks soaking the body within no trace of dress

Hide thy face once tender cloaks held

The comfort that released the feeling of isolation

Patterns of memories sweet remembered

Turns into the torturous mind violations

So quickly the mirrors reflected repeated experience

Hearts so moulded in infinite time so woven

Run Run the silent voice speaks

But fire chases the heart in two already cloven

Silently now upon the shores of realisation

Tenderly these feet pick their way

Nails still sear the tender heart and foot

But only the curve of the back and hip sway

Into the night the shadows take hold

No warmth left, no touch found, hands reaching

O sweet one, walk take comfort in this darkness

For the touched tortured heart will come seeking



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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