Goddess unbound in Thought

Trickling golden thoughts a path through the chasm

Of yielding passion streaming from ethereal space

Boundless energy flows down over heaving flesh

Gripping grappling goosebumps boundless in  form

The Goddesss sits upon a throne so enthralled

Enamoured by the Dark Lord that caught her gaze

Wielding endless streams of light

Testing drawing out the heart of the flesh so divine

Wild is the light that spreads forth to find him

Till they find the heart that waits in need

Slivering tentacles wind intricately abound

Removing the sadness within

Forcing through time and space

There you sit so bold yet so pure

The Goddess your heart waits

Boundless this need within is fired

How she craves the skin so pure

Melded with the innocence her own

O how the Dark Lord wields the veil of deception

Loves sweet delight held within her gaze

Knowing each sliver entwined her spell upon a heart

So bold but he be the one that weakens to her grasp

But she so vulnerable reaching for his love

Endless is the swirling of hearts pure light she seeks

For now this time is the time for walking

Endless caress upon her skin waves succumbed to his touch

Her crys brought forth by his combined soul

For he is her match and in the fires of their Union

The Light the Dark becomes one

No seam to be found

Through the swirling turning

There is no dark no light

Just consciousness unbound



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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