Healing through the Etheric body

We have our physical body which we experience our lives. Our Etheric body is our energetic body, it is through this body that we transmute heal and bring forth positive and negative energies. Everything we are is a vibrational force constantly vibrating in tune with our surrounding environment. Begs the question if this keyboard I am typing on is real or just a giant cosmic vibration. Energetic healing is the process by which the Vibration of each cell is accelerated and any aspects which are not useful to the body replaced by positive healing light. Being an energetic healer I do not see the physical body, I see the light body which sits outside the auric field attached to the physical body by a silver cord. In that body I see blockages through chakras, and blockages in the energetic patterning which appear as dark shadows over a beautiful light being. Through harmonic resonance those shadows are removed and each time the positive effects are transferred to the physical body.
One important aspect that we all must learn at this time is to understand that we individually have this power. The power to heal our bodies and change our frequency and elevate it with the new resonance that Gaia is experiencing at this time. During first incarnations on this planet we were all the vibrational healers of the planet creating the Earths frequency to sustain life as we know it. However in our incarnations at this time as we awaken to our divinity the effects are in reverse. We are at this time to learn how to raise our own physical body in resonance with the new Earth. This is the concept talked about called light body integration. It is the process by which the Light body or Etheric body merges with the physical body. This is the basic principle in understanding what ascension is all about. We can heal the physical body, we can heal the etheric body but we are each individually responsible for merging the two and activating our DNA changes to access the combination of the two.
One way of doing this is to understand the concept of pranic breathing. This brings us closer to source and who we are as physical\energetic beings.
Awareness, the importance of breath, or pranic breathing.
When we think of ourselves in human form we are a living breathing organism. Our body functions in an autonomous manner. When we think of our Spiritual selves were are also a living energetic organism. Our connection and the clarity of that connection determines how we see ourselves and what we perceive to be us. Imagine a beam of light the size of a 4 inch pipe running down through the centre of our bodies down into the earth it connects us to source and is infinite in its length and design. Through this pipe we receive our energy upgrades our information from source and our connection to our Higher Self. Now think of the earth and the way that the magnetic field runs through the centre of the earth and looks like waves of energy swirling in patterns out and around and back through the north pole down to the south pole through the centre of the earth. Now imagine that same energetic wave happening in the human body.The Ancient Egyptians mastered the art of moving this energy down through the centre of the body from source down through and back around constantly cycling that energy and keeping it within them.
Its called pranic breathing, and as spiritual beings in the pursuit of everlasting life they mastered that art to such detail that they also channelled their sexual energy in this same way. This ensured their energy was never released anywhere but back into their bodies creating the breath of life, which we know is the Ankh
This is the key:
Pranic breathing allows the body never to be depleted of its vital energy constantly cycling from source into the body replenishing itself without much effort or thought once the practice is learnt.
Over time as we descended we have forgotten how to put this breathing in practice and as such have made our bodies degenerated over time instead of regenerate.
We are now in the time of remembrance where this is knowledge is coming back. The key to remembering it to understand it. Feel it within you, allow yourself the grace to accept and begin you own personal mastery. Your guides will help you your teachers will come as they are already called to you to help you through this.~Turukai~


~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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