A river flows endlessly meandering through the earth

Upon the sea it releases its pure waters and melds with the ocean

How sweet the journey of pure waters collecting little pieces of life

Along the way to the endless sea

Upon this journey we travel this thing we call life

Silently sweep through the lives of others for the gifts they give

Are but tiny jewels that we carry within our hearts

Upon the eyes of each soul we look and see the ocean

Fall upon cheeks salted memories of love of loss

How bitter sweet this journey that we travel upon

A moment in time a moment like no other I found you

Through soaring heights and beating hearts you lifted me

Carved a curve in my soul and led me to the ocean of me

All that I am and have become is the little jewel I collected along the way

Upon the ocean now floating the jewel of my heart

Where the whales and dolphin’s sing their enchanting song

Peace settles within to know in an ocean so vast

No longer alone, but just one of many jewels that shimmer

As the sun touches with all its warmth

Like stars shining in the reflected sky

We are but one of many salted tears floating on oceans

Vast and infinate the way of the soul traveled is but a journey home.



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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