Lifes Questions

Where does but your allegiance lay when friend and foe is gone

Where upon this realm of existence does your soul fall to the grace

Of the Legion that protects you

How pitiful upon this scape of worldly possession you hold so dear

Held tightly in the clutches of fingertips losing with every grip

Will you not see that this moment of idol possessions does not serve you

Will you not see that it is within your heart that peace shall be found

Scrape your knees upon the pavement of life and see that it is painful

All the scratching of an existence but momentary

Upon the closing of eyes when the soul is released upon the spirits path

Will you finally see that all you possess is but momentary

The gift you are given is existence

How sweetly the breath of life is drawn into the body you exist in

Nothing but the gift of life you chose to experience

It but this life that counts

Not the past only this present life

See well the path before you and walk the steps

Shown to you through eons of time

Cry not for the desperate  need to go home

For you are home

Only time will reveal the lifting of the veil

And then you will see how wrong you were

To wish lives away in the belief that nothing existed but you




~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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