Liquid Words

Intoxicatingly sweet the liquid words

Spring forth effortlessly form perfectly formed lips

Triggering waves of delight in hearts on fire

Parting lips quivering breaths

Flesh exquisitely adorned flushed red

Magic wielded but a moment in time

Earth so rich and red baths the skin of my love

The afterglow so sweet and tender

Momentary this loves touch

Whispering winds speak softly to my ear

Words winding sweet tender trails

Shall I bask in this glory or shall I walk to the creek

Will the cool water sooth my fire

Crystal clear is the pool I look upon

Comforting is the water that touches my skin

Washing away the heartfelt desire

The song that calls me to the sky inflames again

Wings spread the full expanse of my heart

One journey travels upon a road unknown



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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