Lost within the Torment

Upon the shores of despair I sit screaming into the night

Torment rages endlessly within

Thunderous clouds swirl around me darkening the night

The sun now lost from minds eye

Fires ignite upon a barren land fuelled by nothing but rage

Where upon this land beset is the fury I seek

Deep within my rage there is nothing but seething skin

Scratching clawing I cannot release the pain

The blood runneth down this skin torrents to the river it flows

No comfort in its sweet release

Swirling turning tears upon my face rage

No comfort found in screaming

Hatred sears deep within my soul

Upon wings of black like coal shining blue

Piercing my scream with a scream of his own

Between the thunder the rain and the rage

He settles before me

Glistening his chest the rain forms diamonds

His golden eyes blink through

Sulphur permeates the air as his breath falls close to mine

Words flow seamlessly from a mouth not made for speech

Flickers his tongue upon my face taking in my fury

Rapturous laughter escapes from deep within

Child he says rage created from your own thought

Who is to blame but you

Can you not see the torment you have created

The heart laid bare upon the brimstone

Did you not think that cooling waters would extinguish

This flame that burns within

Tis brimstone you chose tis brimstone was met

Burning hearts desire met with endless torment

Scars upon your body inflicted by self

Torment yourself no more

Futile tis the journey you have chosen

See it feel it yes

Know that it holds no future

For lost now you are in a sea of torment

O the flicker of light shines through the clouds

Spread your wings for you must fly

Away from this prison that you have created

Come my dear and fly with me for we are combined

Guided you will be by my side you shall stay

No longer will you feel this pain within

When the sun returns light shall set upon your heart



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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