Love Beyond Time and Space

There is but one love that profoundly affects the very core of your being. Most never get to experience this kind of connection. A connection that when experienced for the first time in this life feels like a shower of energy that consumes every cell within your very being. To the point that it lifts you off the planet, in ways hard to explain in words. It consumes your very being and takes you through the cycle of Love, grief, hope, loss. Over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. How sweet this connection only the brick wall that keeps you apart seems to grip the core being just at the point where resolution is found. This is not a soul mate connection for divined soul mate connections allow each to experience the other through a period of grace. The intensity, forcefulness, and profound acceleration, this connection slams you through all emotions simultaneously. Leaving one lost confused but yet so deeply drawn to the other. But yet love, a deep love remains. There is no experience of hate at any point throughout this journey. Only a deep soul loss of why cannot this be right now. Why is the pain so intense? Why does the love for this man feel like it has never ended throughout time? And most of all why at this crossroad that has come to pass, love only remains?

The journey that occurred today, again a profound moment of Karmic proportions. Forced to look upon the sands of time and journey, through each individual life time. The glossy memory that one carried stripped bare from site, shown the true aspect of each incarnation. There was as aspect of horror with the forced realisation that each incarnated life left each soul torn tortured and cleaved in two. Only to be repeated again and again. All these experiences forced the souls to enter into this incarnation and choose to remain apart. Cleverly they orchestrated a distance separated by miles and age. However the Gods provided a platform so far beyond what each soul personally realised that what was left to chance, was divinely guided by a series of events that are far from coincidence.

Through this connection each one was forced to look upon their own heart, to listen to the messages given to return to the state of pain and confusion. Nothing could stop the path that they both travelled and nothing could deny the intensity of what they felt. Remembrance was the key and their eyes were forced to open. When one ran, the other sat in a deep state of pain. The other executed his pain in ways that would rock the very foundations of all those that have the perception of love and light. For a boundary had to be crossed.

At the moment universe decided that she indeed must be taken away from the disguised reality of mortal man they knocked her off her feet. Alone and helpless the guides came bound her wrists and drew her mind through the veil. They brought her a silent voice that initiated her to the answers she needed to see. So journey she did and when she returned she wept, she wept for his soul that he should have entered this world with a torment that they had both created and replayed again when the last incarnation it should have been let go.

The message she sent what the release of the Karmic binds of the torment that had bound them together through eons of time. Only a deep sense of love for him remain, nothing to be asked, nothing to be tormented, only the connection of divine will that springs forth from the two souls that have a profound effect on all those around them.  And will continue to do so as the road is travelled in this life.

A seer once said to her that in this life it was her purpose to experience unconditional love. She would marry twice and the third time she would not but she would know what unconditional love truly was. He described and super intelligent artistic man, with hair that was wavy and slightly long. With beautiful lips and blue eyes, a scar upon his left cheek and a small mole on his right. that when she looked upon his eyes she would see her self in pools that would show her lifetime after lifetime. For by the time their paths crossed they would have released the very binds that kept them apart. This he said is bound by eternity.

Does she silently wait for this man, yes, but she is not a fool for the pages are already written. Each must experience the life that they chose. So in a deep sense of love whilst time holds her bound in this space she secretly holds for this man, where ever the road takes him.

For the journey to release the Karmic binds on both of their sides has just begun.~Turukai~

The Mirror

Turukai I Remember the first time we met, when our eyes first gazed at each other? I remember what first attracted me to you, was it the smile that you put on your face? The gestures that your body gave each time you gracefully moved? Was it the way that you talked elegantly with your aquaintences and how you seemed overjoyed by your moments experience with them? The answer to those questions, is yes! But, those answers to the questions do not exhaust even the full truth when I mention the beauty in your eyes & heart.
How is it that I could look into those eyes and see a different world? How is it that I could be set free when I stare deep into your world? I remember many,many years past,way back at the beginning,unbelievable really,and when, as a young man, I seriously looked into the skies & then a different experience was born. It was an intimate experience that I had with the skies. It, also, opened to me to hear a new song. As I saw the lights in all their Glory, I was no longer a creature of this world. I was an alien, a new being that was born into that dark, but, brilliant world. Also, I heard a universe that played an Angelic tone,a humm fibonacci a tone that can only be heard by staring deep into the well I remember colours brighter than those ever seen on this planet today. That dark universe that is sparked by dazzling lights, piercing into its huge expanse. I have those memories that set me free. I remember those memories whenever I see a shooting star, I envision that I am that shooting star, just flying into an everlasting expanse. Into a mysterious universe and into eternity with you. If you see a shooting star, then let it be known that it was me that was taking that joyous ride.

I wanted to share my world with you. I wanted you to open your eyes and open a new world to me. I gave you my music, I gave you my song,I give you my words from my heart,& soul, I will mould into your universe to make our worlds real I said. When you see the blazing lights of a shooting star, when you see the Raven that flies in the skies, then I assure you that it was me that was moulding you into my image. Let yourself see the freedom of the skies. So, let your mind go and set me free into your world, into your mind, through the medium of your beautiful eyes your windows & thoughts.
I remember that song I wrote? I remember the tone it brought in our worlds? I remember it like a dream. It was true, I was meant to be near you,they told me so..Two different eyes, and two different skies, but the mirror I see is in the beauty in my mind also. Yes! It’s true, I was to be with you, as you to be with me? Unique words I am swept along by the tale of your imprisonment within yourself. I am Raven & Raven is a harbinger in death which is no more than change from one form to another, all the while it often accompanies many different Goddesses at different times in history. I am an Ancient yes & a walk-in and Im pleased to make this acquaintance through my words of hope and tale of finely veiwed adversity with you.
You weave a most elaborate tapestry for those who see and are not dazzled by the jewels of knowledge you have come to know. I feel your passion and agree that all is about to change for the better for those that will ascend this path in this lifetime and those who refuse change shall overcome them in ways never known before. Your dialogue is crisp and your points you create are inspiring writing for me to follow..Yes, do you see? I was to be with you. When I was also in you, and you were in me Oh Yeah! Look, I am with you now even all these years later.The mere being of Raven I was speaking of was that of my love, and the trickery he and I share when the lights go out. Tricky, intimate of all intimate places are touched, desecrated, yet transforming into an oblivion of love and harmony.
Things that most people would not imagine & normally believe happen within this love dont they? youve seen them for yourself,experienced them with me now..That is the essense within me that is the Raven.
Remember its mystery of two worlds moulding in their marriage along with it the beauty of the skies? We are the skies. We are two that become one. One body. One universe. One song. Yes, one! Now, remember just the two of us being set free into the power of the skies, in all its glory, and the mysteries it reveals to us. We traveled the world on separate paths on black wings stealing glances between the mists of time and sharing moments from afar though our voices could call out in comfort our hands,& body could never touch and no matter how dear or true our hearts might be they are beating as one,as we move along two lives in parallel we swapped the stories on quite nights and bared ourselves like never before, we marched forward pushing through the tragedies and triumphs with a constant eye to the path beyond aching for what awaited us.

Though we picked up fellow travelers and bonded with other souls your face beyond the mists of time haunted me ,but as two lives in parallel doomed never to meet we made our own happiness and found our own pathways ,while waiting for the two paths to meet and collide,yet even as we wished on every star for our roads to interact ,I knew you could be in the arms of another unable to share the desired embrace still,no cruel twist of fate could keep our two souls apart and whether we meet, we stand here silently two faces between the mists and give thanks for this love for no matter which role you play the result will be the same,two hearts will be light in unity as one,at least till the end of this mans days..
But the time will come and soon when the natural flow of my life will reign supreme.In the meantime I will set the times that are right for me and do what I must do to keep myself at 100%. I will do this because I have to, for my own sanity.
As we travel through life, we are moving without the benefit of signs, maps or a guide. Like wonderers lost in a giant wood, we know where the paths are, the directions they head and, perhaps, where we want to go, but we know nothing about where the paths may lead or how long they will carry us.
Basically, we’re lost travelers, constantly at the mercy of the various perils of the world around us, wondering from path to path, decision to decision, never knowing if we’re going to get where we think we’re headed.
I make the decisions the best I can, judging all of the variables I can see, but never really knowing what lies beyond the next bend. It’s a frightening prospect and one that has broken my soul once,sending me in a psychotic state of mind,but I pulled through it and climbed back up. I live in fear and uncertainty at times and that is my permanent state of chaos.
Yet, I press on. The air often grows cold and the nights are long, but I press on. Not because I want to or because it’s easy, but because I have to. There is no going back, there is no alternative.Sadly, it’s hard to cherish life while Im watching it pass me by. That is why I must keep moving and constantly progressing. Even if Im alone, I can still be the happiest,around people I love who give me strengh,cos without them I wont survive.
For the struggles I face along these paths make the triumph of beating them that much greater and they offer me wisdom which can help me with the trails I choose to follow in the future.I love you…~Rayvhenwing~


~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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