Love in Free Form

For but one moment a hearts glimpse

At love unyeilding and divine

Laid bare upon the stone table

Lost is thee upon this place

Heart Sacrificed in space unyeilding

Swirling pools of emotion

Whirling spiraling down to core

Flowing endlessly within showing nothing

How hearts swoon at the mere thought of love

But how quickly it wanes

Know thy self in the deepest ocean

Still hearts desire is changed

When the light of the one love

Comes for thee to take your hand

Flow sweetly with the current

Till the river meets the Ocean

Swim along with thee till the tide draws

Drawing thee away into the abyss

Never to see thee again

Left with memories of sweet desire

Of a heart touched by love

O sacrifice my heart to thee

Sacrifice my love

For I am but only one ray

From the central sun of many

Reaching out for loves sweet light



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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