My Soul

A nightmare only begot in eyes that see

A breeze upon thy face forcing inhalation

Sadness momentary woes afflicting the heart

Seething hate to see love never ending soul

The unfathomable story so weaved within

See the intricate web that falls upon the Soul

Of hearts broken teaches infinite understanding

The Alpha and the Omega what is to end when there is no beginning

Exist in life and therefore you exist in death

A mark upon the soul so intricately stamped

Chaos and madness reign supreme but it is the one that wields the softened words

Shows the truth of this veil

Coherent in the eyes of one deranged words in the eyes of another

Only the Labyrinth will show the upside down stars to enlightenment

Show me the courage that you so willingly profess

Crawling weaving so we hold your hand so

The seeds of despair only the trust you so seek but choose not to give

Deafening the sounds of your screams

But still we ask the same

Enter the place where what you are resides

Follow the trail laid bare before thee

Nine swirling turning in the spirals of warm currents

So infinitely designed for your wings to soar

Thoughts only shown as minds open to the thought

Trust the light will come in the coldest of night

In the moment where there is need to see but the fear that grips the heart blinds

Shifting dunes only wielded by the winds show the sands of time melding

Is it but the insane minds that sees the thoughts of confusion

Or is it the sane mind that accepts all miserable thought nameless by design

But o so beautifully clear

But a gift that is cherished from within for the life that has been given is but realised

Connect within for the connection is there

So sweetly guided by the loving mind that is you

Suffer no more for there is no need

Mistakes made only shielded the gracious words that spring forth now

Wisdom you hold

Wisdom you keep

To the parallel you touch and see

Infinitely touched through the veil you see

Connected infinitely with all that is

A consciousness unparallel

To find the light through the depths of hell

You have already past

The gift we give is the solitude

The resolve

That you know the difference

For now infinitely connected

You are ready

Of Lore of Ole, of fabled woes

To bring the secrets of what is what was

In the light of truth so be it



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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