Open your eyes

Now is the time to stop giving your power away and to stop trying to create a new religion.

You are all on your own spiritual journey, this is a journey to understanding who you are.

Think of a mandala and how many there are how many different ones, THESE are YOU each one different by design.

Religion created a structure that taught us love and secrets of  loss of empowerment by rote. it is time to understand that we are love, but empower ourselves. We have control of who we are.

I am here to tell you do not look for the Guru for you are the Guru.

Find the quiet space within, allow yourself to open to the guidance that is within you. Learn to be at peace with all that is. Listen to that voice inside your head for it is personal iformation that guides you. Shows you leads you to the truth that is yours by design. We do not need to be saved for there is no saving to be done.. We need to awaken to who we are and understand that our purpose here is to shift this physcial vessel we exist in with the earth as she shifts.


Hmmm now is my turn to ask your thoughts????? Hehehe this is and incredible phase we are entering.


~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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