Raven Wakes

Always haunting my dreams and my waking moments, never far from my place.

Close but one eye and see that familiar face

When placed into the quietest space deep within the mind

The blue black feathered wings take flight

Glistening in the morning sun

To remind me again that there you are .

On fallen shores she stood

Waiting watching

Silence held in breath

Storms of ages rushed upon

The eyes that glistened

Tears of what was to come

Beheld before her

In silence it came

Rushing wind curling around

No thoughts just eyes open

A mist blackened ensued

Rushing upon her exhalation

Heaving chest

What was this rush that entered

Screetching within ears that held no sound

New vision created

Resolve of eons set forth

On minds eye it came

Shamans spoke of the day

She held no thought

Payed no mind

On the sight of the Elks horns

Upon the horizon it would come

Silent they said

Forced within it would hold

Torturous it would feel

For the glimmer of hope would be gone

Enter the mind it did

Dark of torturous woe

Cleared the mist it did

Paths laid before the soul

Gilded master you torture her so

Iridescent blue and green you shimmer

Awake the eyes that chose not to see

Forced to open upon these shores

Squawk you do draw her in

Shimmer before you hold her gaze

Nothing left but to follow the sound

Darkness before light beset

Of nothing you give of nothing she asked

Yet with her you stand

Hidden behind the shimmering feline

She stood but again behind her shoulder you stand

Guiding each thought

Showing her way silent but for the

Tap tap tap this one you say


~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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