In time and space I stand before thee,

only the lingering doubt remains,

no rational explanation of spells cast

Clear the horizon on the wings that carry me,

Only memories remain,

Endless signs set clearly before thee,

Shown the path of understanding,

Minutes within the hour

Ravens are gathering answering the call,

Unite they do, merging in endless skies,

Soaring on the warm currents of change,

No longer lost in a sea of Isolation,

How sweet the sound of the caw,

Screeching of feathers that glisten with knowing,

Need and desire replaced with peace

Finding the space within

Not touched by human thought

Only the spirit remains

Shed are the feathers of past years pain

Diving, swirling on winds so eloquently placed,

How sweet the view from skys up high,

Silver and red eyes survey the shores,

Of distant realms now open,

Peace now falls through inner calling,

Standing side by side,

Smile they do as they see,

Grace and beauty boundless in crystal eyes,

How sweet this space.



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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