Is your soul strong enough?

To live through life, passion, death?

Feel each emotion in equal measure

Soar upon the wings that each emotion brings

When all is lost and there is nothing left

Will you see inside your soul?

Will you trust that all is left is love!

Does time stop when you understand?
Momentary lapses of dark consciousness

Throws light upon what you cannot see

Does the laughter that dearly holds your heart

A spring after a winter so cold place faith upon your heart

Or does the mindless roll of sadness

Play trials upon the weary soul

Do we enter this life in torturous woe

Replay of what we experienced on some other level

What memories do you profess to remember?

What memories do you choose to forget?

At the foot of all things lays the emotion

You choose to carry through

How sweet the pain of remembrance

Upon the Halls where it is already written,

There is nothing left to forget

How this journey places upon wondering

Heats treacherous emotions

At what end does peace come

When the difference is only but to see

What is really there!

Faced with the eyes of judgement of others

How you stand on the precipice

Words but fall from minds so open

But yet

Only words unless seen for what they are.



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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