Sirens Cry

On shores of old they seductively sat eons past

Sirens upon the seas silently calling songs cast

Upon the ears of men they sent their crys

To be heard with rapturous sighs

Temptation so profound yet sweetly designed

To keep the truth hidden to the hearts they find

How sweet the sounds upon the flesh of men

That carried their hopes the hidden fiend

Glorious to behold clouded eyes stare

Ripples of desire glistening chests bare

How they reached arms sensually placed

Tenderly upon the man fools face

To the depths of the very mans soul

Warm then suddenly turning it cold

At the very moment unclouded eyes woke

The Siren his heart she broke

Taketh his soul she would to the depths

Horror his eyes fingers gripped

The echos of fools past fall upon the sea

For the Siren waits for the next fool to be

Hear her song upon the oceans nigh

Do not answer with a heartfelt sigh

For see through your heart they will

And maketh the beat still


The Mirror

So you dream that you Sirens can silence me when I will the
storm of passion,and say peace be will, but then I
hear you say this far and no further when addressed
to the wild wave or wilder human beast implies
authority that never can,that never ought to be the
lot of man…

But a muse,forbear long fights forebode a fall
strike on the deep toned chord the sum of all I hear
You hear the just lore – the judgement of the skies!

Those that hate truth shall be the dube of lies
and those that will be cheated to the last
delusions,strong as hell,shall bind them fast
But you the wanderer have mistake discern
judge your own ways,and sigh for a return
bewildered once must be bewail his loss for
ever & ever NO!…

There,and there only through the deity Raven &
athiest,if earth bear so base a slave there,and there
only is the power to save…

There no delusive hope invites despair;No mockery
meets you dear loves,no deception there,the spells
and charms that binded you before all vanished
now,and fascinate no more…

I am not a preacher,please let this hint suffice,hense you
that lay there suffered all this pain as well as myself
bleed,groaned and agonised,and died in vain…

Just faults in the life breed errors in the brain
and these reciprocally those again
the mind and conduct mutually imprint
and stamp their image in each others minds…
He dies disputing,and the contest ends –
but not the mischiefs they the Sirens still left behind
like thistle-seeds are sown by every wind..


~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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