Souls Journey to Mother

Falling nothing remains just the whispering wind

Stars merge into white lines as they rush past

Must these wings now be shed

Sadness fills this heart why but why must I

Walk upon the Earth they said

Earth what is the blue dot I see just another star

Through consciousness I fall spiralling down

Watching the feathers of my wings slowly dissolve

I am nothing now just a light reaching across the sky

How this blue dot looms before me silent they call her mother

Who is this universal mother that is willing to take me

Allow me to enter her chamber of life and emerge

A new skin brought forth through a human bond

The grids of the earth stand before me

Protecting her in a Crystal Matrix of love

This is the point they said where all memories will fade

Upon my forehead a white light is placed

Like and exploding star wiped from all thought

Nothing now but the deep steady beating of a drum

Warm and comforting this place that I am

I Am Here



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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