Sounds of Silence

Walk through then night and soon you will see the dawn

How sweetly the torturous minds weep silently for angels to save

But only moment between the step taken and the hidded loss

See thee the night in your heart

How you listen to love and light with out hearing what is being said

Inside your heart

Inside your mind

Is the key

The key that unlocks the very being that walks with in you

Through the dark a candle is lit and a the light shines upon all

All shadows melt into the light

Are you ready to understand that the pain the sadness is part of understanding

How can you release your ego if you do not understand what ego is

How can you release your heart ifyou cannot feel it

Pain the deepest pain that you feel in the darkest moments of your existance

They are the moments before you strike the match and see who you are

If you were always told that you walked the earth as a conscious being

Then the darkness would only be ego based of who I am

But what if you were told already that you are dark if you do not submit

Submit to the dark, relinquish your dark

Feel bad that you are infinately aware of both possibilities

then you seek comfort in the dark that seeks you

You find a peace in a place where they told you not to go

They forced you to a place where you did not understand

But you did not understand because you had no free will

They took that from you

Free will is the ability to understand both sides

To choose to be free to choose

Accept the darkness within you it is not a benevolant sadness

It is only a place you have already been,

But it is your choice what you feel,

It is your choice to feel the light of love

But know that the light of love is releasing ego and seeing what is.

Understanding your chemical make up understanding the shif that you are physically about to take

Understanding some part of quantam physics that there is infinate space

Accept the dark half and combine it with the light

Release the polarity

And just be you have those answers with in you

Seek only that which you guidance tells you.




~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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