The Divine You

Within the light of the divine the heart dwells

Where there is nothing but energetic threads

Of the consciousness the holds your feet upon the earth

How swiftly the energy is cast upon the light that is you

Where does the infinite space of your soul

Sit upon the shores of your consciousness

How you dwell in the pain of your own humanity

Pitiful the existence that you humbly cry as your own

Released upon the wind the thought that you are limited

Set free your limitlessness and connect to your I am

For in the heart that dwells free of limitations

The cosmic awareness springs forth through your consciousness

Infinite the wisdom that now settles upon the minds eye

Friend and Foe alike see the light that shines forth

From your sacred heart the pool of your wisdom

You are but a ripple in and ocean of thought

Where you touch the waters of life

So too they touch your soul

Awaken within thee the true soul that is you.



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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