The Fallen Ones

Cast down into the depths of reality

Trying to grasp some sense of what is

Do I fly within the space of reality

Do I bury my self in illusion

To let you go burn a searing pain

Within my soul

You say to just walk with you

Knowing what is to come

To Slash a hole within my chest

Would provide a sense of comfort

Than to watch you leave

In the depths of despair I fall

How eloquent the tears that fall

When you wait for my answer

Free is the soul that says fuck it

Tell me of my ending

Tell me that I have a choice

But in the end return to nothing

Fallen from the starlit skys

Spread upon the skin of the earth

No stories of reclamation

Nothing of the fallen ones

That would remain


At the end of all the suffering

Endured their skin scarred burned

And yet the mirrored ones

Left to endure the pain  of ages

To walk the skin of the earth alone

Where freedom lays as the candles ember is gone

Only the lost ones remain

It matters not the tears that are shed



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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