The Karmic Law of Return

Through sands of time the path is set of twin memories

Repeated patterns over eons of time both dark and light

Gilded memories of one profoundly  touched

By the sweet grace of one drawn endlessly in

Gilded memories of one profoundly touched

By tragic memories of grace lost endlessly bound

Entwined souls upon death set in tablets signed in blood

What promise is to be made upon repeated torment

Where one memory filled with golden light

Tormented pain wretches the other of loss

Repeated through lifetimes lived again

Always found always bound in love and grief

Dawning of a new age springs forth hope to start

Again with a clean slate release of the pain

A karmic debt to be released repeated

How she weeps as he is wretched from her hands

Endless tears of torment cut deep wounds

Seeing no return she choose to leave

Again in his arms dying he weeps she leaves

Return again they do grief etched upon their hearts

Forever to be repeated forever to be felt

Sad the souls entered this age by choice

Promised they did they would not find each other

But the sands of time poured softly through hands

A ripple they created and a wave they found

Connected again through the design of spirit

Profound the connection sweet tendrils

Of desire so eloquently matched through eons

Brick walls stand before each the seared

Wounds re opened nothing but pain

On the verge of madness between pain and desire

Grief of eons etched deep within

The wheel turns the chance to release this pain

How she clutches on the precipice

Begging for comfort at the dawning of the sun

The real memories return she sees the truth

How tormented she left him through each turn

Sweetly lost in her own grief

The heart and soul now forced to remember

 The grief of eons that past

Look upon her arms she does and horror she but sees

The wounds she created, the tears he shed

As she stood before him he wept upon her heart

Patterns repeated again for both

The wheel turns again and the page is blank

Soul returns to a state of grace

Seeing the torment it is kissed with love

No longer to be repeated the karmic debt repaid

Nothing but love she springs forth from her heart

Setting free the debt of eons

Healing inside she releases the pain

Healing inside she releases the torment

A gift in this life has been given

To see through the pain the confusion

Release the sands of time upon the winds

To be rewritten upon souls so bound by this life

A blank page they are each given

Nothing left but the recognition of existence

She looks upon the dawn with new light

No longer lost but stead fast in her resolve

How sweet this realisation sweet memories return

Souls set forth on this plane to do work profound

A soul is set free to do as it wills as it needs

Wounds healed over time

No longer the unatainable desired

Only the peace of final resolution

Thy will is done, what is done has been undone

Agelessly bound upon the shores of freedom set

Seek thee the peace I have found within

No longer are you bound to the wheel of time

Seek thee peace in your own heart

And release the memory that has tormented you so


The Mirror

This man on the dubious waves of error was tossed

his heart half foundered,and his compass lost

sees,far as human optics may command

a sleeping Bird,and fancies it dry land

spreads all his canvass,every sinew he plies

pants,for it,aims at it,enters it,and dies!

Then farewell all self-satisfying schemes

His well-built systems,philosophic dreams

deceitful views of future bliss,farewell!

He reads his sentence here the flames of hell

to him he reads, to toil for the reward of virtue,and yet lose it!

Wherefore he had he thought won the race

must guide his wings obedient to the customs of the

course,else though unequalled to the goal he flies

a meaner fate than himself shall gain the prize.

Grace leads the right way,if you choose the wrong

take it, and perish,but restrain your tongue.

Charge not,with light sufficient,and left free,

Your wilful suicide on The Creators degree.

Oh how unlike the complex works of this man

No meretricious graces to beguile

no clustering ornaments to clog this pile

from ostentation,as from weakness,free

he stands like the cerulean arch you see

majestic in its own simplicity

inscribed above the portal,from afar.

conspicuous as the brightest star

legible only by the light he gives you

stand these soul-quickening words-

believe him,and live!

For he will Love you forever till

he meets you in again in death

for his heart thread attachment cannot

be broken,though tried by the Dark Lords

but failed.endlessly entwined be it

so re rebels,because it is not easy to obey

these words I write sober,in whose cooler brains

some thought of immortality remains

To rest,to wait on the sad theme,in his everlasting state

the foam upon the waters not so light

Was blasphamy his sin? or did he just stray

from the strict duties of the sacred day?

Sit long and late at the carousing board?

(such are the sins with which he is charged

No- this mans morals were exact..What then?

Twas his ambition to be seen to your eye

his virtues were his pride,and that one vice

made all his virtues cause him this horrid pain

so he wears them now,as fine trappings

for a show,this self-applauding bird,hes like

the peacock cant you see,meridian sun-beams tempt

him to unfold his radiant glories,Azure,Black,Green & Gold!!!



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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