The Mirror

Like the threads of silk soothing words

Trace comforting paths through my mind

Meandering thoughts race,

Weaving never ending trails of emotion

Each thought flickers a spark deep in my heart

Objective is the mind that remains distant to this,

Every moment takes me on  a journey of memory

Flickers of sweet delight roll endlessly through ,

Momentary lapses of sweet desire

Crossing all boundaries and time limitations

What is this path I travel so dearly

No answers yet show illumination

For every memory I remember

There is the mirrored memory you carry

Are two minds so alike that they exist in parallel

Or are they the same flame that burns so bright

Tis the question in my heart that I repeat

Minds combined to remember the lessons

Ignite a passion that becomes unbound

Or if minds sweetly combined could

Explore the possibilities of Universal consciousness

One mirror shows endless time fracture

The other mirror shows boundless torturous fracture

So I stand with honest heart

To know the wave that I ride upon

There is no road to conflicting that I would travel

Where I would not try to find my reflection

Warm are the arms that I find comfort in

No price to pay for pure Loves Light



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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