The Vortex

Shaped in a reality walking on ancient ground

Aware but scared grasping at consciousness

Puzzling questions answers given where thought lies

What would you give for the answer


Seek deeper






The answer is there for you to take

Outside the earth now see how she shimmers

Yes sit quietly watch wait listen

Through the dark into the prism

Explode into rainbow awareness

Only this world binds you to your space

Close your eyes


Hearts explode into the ether

Where you watch like a subjective mind

In excitement of realisation you sit

Walking the path ways

Grids of light upon that which you stand

Choose well for the vortex awaits

Choose wrongly and you will return to nothing

How your awareness now ripples through the fabric

Of time you walk

See now touch it the manifesto of your reality

The keys in your hand



See how it lights up under your fingertips

So delightful the smile crosses upon your face

No longer chasing demons in the dark

You see the puzzle and unlock the keys


The Mirror

As it burned
The fire within me brought forth my hidden face
I walked through this fire & eternal voices within me
Were tearing me apart
To open the gateway they had to speak
with the same tongue
So I slain my wings and changed into human skin
I hid my face from the sun a
Dark-Angel watched over my every step
The power within me then brought forth my hidden face
I had the key beneath my skin
to open the gateway of sin
The vortex called to its embrace
Blue coloured with white
I walked through the scorched fields
towards the gates
There was only oneself and the Black Flame
I was in every flame
I was in every shade
Our legion shunned no sacrifice
Harvesters of death walking among men
The skies opened and the final chapter wrote itself
Predators of apocalypse were on a hunt
The chosen entered into the eye
What is end to others is total victory for some
The Raven calls and shrills into the night skys
for his kin to come to his side..


~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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