The Wounded Healer

The silent calling drives me forward

What feels like ice drifts cold upon a heart exposed

Are only emotions searing through every part of me

What magical casting placed upon this heart

Bound tightly, emotions ready to explode

Only to be shielded deep in the cavern of the heart

Exploding deep within no comfort found there was once

A world entered so innocently found

Comfort in the eyes of a soul unknown but yet

Seen so clearly through every memory

Warning set forth now realised

Should I have listened now my own tortured heart

Through a cruel twist feel the tortured heart so loved

I hear deep within memories of lost gone moments

Weave constantly how I stand at the edge of this world

Look upon this mirror that is before you

See the face within tears cloud and waver

Standing ground there is nothing to be done

But to release this tortured moment into the ether

For it is in the ether that this love that carries

Upon the winds of nothing

Promises lost made again before the whispering heart

Entering this world promises forgotten

Woven tied and bound again drowning in waters

See how she floats down the river she goes

Release me she cries from the depths of gurgling

Searing pain through her middle

The stabbing of a dark unknown but yet felt

Release me she cries from the depths of the soul

Tied through eons of time

There will be no release this time only

The heart of pure loves  light will walk away

And this time the Karma of pain that the tortured

Heart feels throughout each day spent in this love

Is released

The lock about her neck now rings silent

The book closed dust rises in the air

Spell cast so descretetly

Tendrals ripped nothing but the wound

A wounded healer again lost in this place

They call the world




~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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