The Wounded Heart

Slithering tendrils of the darkest woes

So insolently grip even the most innocent hearts

Weaving moulding the darkness within

Slicing wounding how sweet the sticky freshness

Of life’s liquid warmly falling

In the darkest recess of the lonely heart

Freely the mind sinks

Pooling congealing of emotions fall short

Hanging like solid threads from hearts cloven

Silent this path so easily walked

 Hidden from minds eye

Blackened by the stain of time

Deepest darkest pain of heartbroken torture

Endlessly wrapping in rapturous glee

Wicked laughter beset by those who wished

Through selfish greed of their own lost minds

To have bound a heart so infinitely wasted

Pointless giving of hearts desires

Only to be cast aside through wasted fear

Upon the barren landscape we call life

To be love but to not be in love

Is but the greatest crime to befall

The wounded heart



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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