This Path I Tread

Great raising of energy somehow greeted with falling
I know not what this path I tread
In the depths of my mind so intricately moulded
The calling to move forward upon a road so vast
Set on either side by distant memories of pasts long gone
Brought forth to manifest in the reality that I exist
Yet still I sit with confused mind and heart
Wondering why this soul treads a path so intricately alone
Connections made but all to quickly broken
Yet all around bonded souls walk through
Thoughts meld through weaving in and out of form
Clearing waves expand and contract emptying from mind
Answers sit floating in etheric space
Waiting for the coming of the time
When they will descend and ignite the chasms
From deep within and like the bringer of a new dawn
With the first touch of sunlight rays
It will be brought forth into my mind
And I shall know this path I tread

And in my dreaming the answer came like a comforting light through the mists of time

When the veil that clouds your mind is lifted you will feel love,

For the love you seek silently sleeps within you

In the deepest recesses of the velvet chamber of your heart

Travel the path way deep within you listen to the call

Where the heart springs eternal singing its serenade

Find the key that rests at the foot of the door

Flickers with Gold placed there for you to see

Gently embrace it look upon it with love

Before you the beating heart a door soft and full of love

You have heard this sound before when the love of the mother

Silently waited with patience and joy for the little one within

Here it resonate beating in unison with you

Silently waiting with patience and joy for the wakened one within

Place the key upon the lock and free your code

You are the light, the Universal Way feel guide eternally walking

Your soul is but one part of many

In time you will be united with them all

Walk between the veil spring forth and decode for all to understand

For your journey begins upon a path well trodden

I am Akashon keeper of the veil neither here nor there but everywhere

But just one yet I AM many

I Am that I Am that enlightens behold

The beautiful spirit you are to light the way

The way shower you are

Hurry now dear one, learn your lessons well

When the ripple of awakening becomes a bright light cross the world you shall be free

The path of the Light Warrior begins step forth into your heart



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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