Through the Mist

Through the white mist you come,

Arms outstretched beckoning me to enter,

The Raven stands behind you omnipotent,

To run from you I have tried,

To be truthful to you I have,

You draw me in then release me into the void,

Only emptiness is all that remains,

From a distance I hear you calling me,

In my quietest times I feel your breath on my neck,

I am under your spell, like no other,

In my dreams you come to me in sweet loving tenderness,

Only to wake to an emptiness inside,

Each word you send ripples through me like fire,

But your silence aches deep within me,

Tormented in a way I have become,

Not sure of what road to take,

Watching the weaving of a spell I know not how to break,

But yet stand in the void waiting for the light,

The deeper you enter the harder to fight,

I am drawn into to you and with that my heart bleeds,

Tears constantly well in my eyes at the mere thought,

Heart full of desire the wind carries my call

Silence dark as the night greets me in return

The ruffle of feathers the silence dulls my senses

Till the day you return another sense awakened.



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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