Time and Space

Perched upon thoughts of time and space

A heart now etched with a mind so clear

Sweet the moments that takes the mind away away

Through all mortal thought hide no longer

For the hidden words spoke truths

Comfort found to understand

In the loves found saught no more

Over times lost and moments stolen seen

That hearts melded cannot be broken

Only human fear keeps hearts at bay

So intricately placed upon earthly desires

Souls bound by lore unknown

Till passing time grants only one wish

To look upon the eyes that captured the soul

Willingly fallen within the bounds of a heart so pure

Only matched by the divine touch of light

Paths well trodden through all manifestations of life

Silently follows where hearts desire flows

Only words etched deep within the soul

Secretly reveal the truths of untold wisdom

How feet now stand solid in resolve

Knowing the winds of time have already started to blow

Surrendered to the ones who hold so closely

Searching ended for what is already there

No search remains for the one already found

Peaceful the sounds of silence that ended the tormented woe

In the distant quiet curls around the precious heart found

Only the warmth of the fire that lights the face

A Monalisa smile etched upon curved lips

How sweet the peace of silence now waits

For there is no other that could shift what was found



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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