Trust and Fall Again

Watch from the corner of your eyes

Weeping tears fall silently through crystal tears

Hold me sweetly just this one moment

Hush now the word that falls so eloquently

Tis not the time for forlorn weeping

Promises fall again upon weeping breath

How sweet ethereal threads wound tightly

The noose around the fools neck

Wicked by design

Outpouring of heart felt desire

Time ticking waiting intricately wound

Release unleash upon the universal light

Unwound the beast springs forth

Lashing intricate welts appear

On alabaster skin

Weeping bleeding upon knees so willing

Fooled again by sweet crys upon angels light

Harden the stone of exodus

Beguile the sword set deep upon the stone

Forged deep within so cold without feeling

Hollow this world that we have entered

When does the heart that weeps acceptance

Only the switch blade of one so moulded

In pedestals we sit

Silent till we slip descending upon the thorns of life

Where does the heart loose

Become the stone of exodus

Release the sword of Excalibur and watch it bleed

Winding weeping wound so tightly

Hollow this world entered

There is no love

Only the conceptual notion it exits

Within the deepest recesses of your perception

Wounded hearts walk the earth created

By their own infinite design

Give love receive conditional love

For in the end you are judged, all that you profess

In the end you are what you profess

Nothing less,

But your bleeding heart remains

Upon the plate the willing offering

I give to you

You take’th until you cannot get closer

Only then the knife is buried deep

Twisted turning pain hatred betrayal

Weeping lost forlorn on the winds of change



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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