Unto me I Call thee For it is Time

Sit I do in the realm of ages

Where my words are just

Cast down from the starry sky

My heart bleeds it eternal woe

As the strings of the cello are strummed

So too my beating heart for you

How my soul crys for but one moment

Upon the eyes cast in pain as I left

How tenderly to hold you within my heart

To show you I never left

Through the portal cast a lonely shadow

Where your heart screams for me now

I hear the calling

I have no other course but to set forth

Upon the wind and cast my soul into the sea

The sea of stars in endless rapture

Till you hear my crys on the ether

Will you unlock the portal that keeps you from me

Wounded hearts tormented in silence

How I scream for thee

Do you hear me

Tis not the gilded heart that hears my cry

It is you that I seek

The eyes that are my every thing

The Soul that is my own

Where would you be

But cometh to me upon my dreams in the deepest night

Forever a step away my fingertips but a breath away

Where tis thine heart that torments me so

Taken on the journey To the depths of my soul

Does this heart ache

Where the human heart ends the angels heart lives

No mortal coil can bind this heart in the true love it seeks

Forever to roam upon a sea of souls

Endlessly cast where humanity sleeps

O my sweet come to me now tired of waiting I have become

Weary is this soul no longer trusting of the humanity it has faced

Upon the wielding way in the light of the moon

My tears fall upon this earth and call you now

Into my heart I ask that you see my calling

For I am ready for you to enter

Hold back not for tears of sadness for I have always waited

Hear now these crys and cast aside those that profess to be yours

And in turn the blood of my veins I offer to you

Cast aside those that profess the same unto me

Upon the sword of the Arch I break the ties that serve me no more

And call thee unto me


The Mirror

I Love the Lady is still the strain

This heart delights to sing

But I failed to reply – your thoughts were not in vain

perhaps tis no such thing

before the power of this Love divine

no creation fades away

till only you are seen to shine

in all that I survey

In gulphs of awful night we find

the Love of our desires

tis there she stamps this yeilding mind

and doubles all its fires

Flames of encircling Love invest

and pierce it sweetly through

tis filled with sacred joy,yet pressed

with sacred sorrow too

Ah  Love! my heart is in the right

amidst a thousand woes

to thee,its ever new delight

and all its peace,it owes

fresh causes of distress occur

where’er I look,or move

the comforts,i to all prefer

are solitude and love

Nor exile I, nor prison fear

Love makes my courage great

I find a saviour in you every where

your grace,in every state

Excluse your quickening beams

there I can sit,and sing,and weep

and dwell on beautiful themes

There, sorrow,for his sake,is found

a joy beyond compare

there,no presumptuous thoughts abound

no pride can enter there

A saviour doubles & circles all my joys

and sweetens all my pains

your strengh in my defense employs

consoles me,and sustains

I fear no ill,resent no wrong

nor feel a passion move

but when you say words of magnitude

my heart just melts away.

Yes here wandering scenes that are

sacred to night,love wears me and wastes me away…

Oh Love! who in darkness art pleased to abide

though dimly yet surely I see

that these contrarieties only reside

in the soul that is chosen as thee….

concious of bad drift now

this,I cried,is Love indeed –

tis the giver,not the gift

whence the joys I feel proceed

still,still, without ceasing

I feel it increasing

this fervour of passion desire

and often exclaim,let me die in the flame

of a Love that can never expire!….



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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