Upon the Precipice

Upon the precipice I stood

Darkened the chasm below

On foot precariously perched

The other taking the step

What is this fool that I have become

Too take this leap of faith

Sun shines behind me

The warmth playfully pushing me on

How is this bubbling fear

Rising deep within my belly

How will I know if I am right

Step forth into the chasm I do

Faith falls on the winds that rush by me

I am but a spark of light falling

Lighting the air below me

I need not fear for what I thought

For what I see is endless

Endless beauty soft cushioning caress

Boundless knowledge

Pages and pages float silently past

Each  recognition igniting

The flame of knowing deep within

Share thee with me this spark you are so

Share thee with them so that they may see

Fear not the judgement or persecution

For a memory of eons past this is

Read these pages see them dance

Before your eyes trance the mind you are

The boundless knowledge contained within

And like the passage of time

Your awareness will grow

With each understanding a new chapter begins

Float freely o trusting fool

For you are a fool no more.



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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