Validation of Self,

Through endless walkings of time and space

Who are the eyes behind the weary face

Of wounded hearts and melded minds

What is the journey that I must find

How silent the breath inwardly taken

Hearts discarded eluded forsaken

When does this journey of life end

Only thoughts of life and love to send

Words spoke from human hearts

Only to realise creates false starts

Upon this earth so visibly shaken

So aware of each step taken

When truth behind the mirror stares

Blankly back with false cares

Realisation of intricate sound

Look down your wrists are bound

By thought by regret

Deeply intimate set

In the misty forests it comes crawling

Can you hear it? For it is calling

Calling your heart too it

Waiting want for you come and sit

Sit by its side and hear its words

Whispered like the soulful notes as chords

Of wind, fire, and dragons breathing

Like liquid black it come seething

Deep into the very souls core

Where light of heart exists no more

No more found nothing to be said

For once honest the heart could be dead

But for the glimmer of hope on horizons still

Strong is this heart and mind full of will

For tested again on hearts of truth

Each word wrestled like the pulling of a tooth

Drawn endlessly into the depths of the word game

Only to emerge never the same

On seas beyond the sun set dearly travelled

Where this game of hearts yet to unravel

Weaving winding riddles of ole

Wonders how much left of this soul sold



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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