Vice of Heart

Awoken from a restful slumber

What is this vice upon my heart

A pain deep it pounds like thunder

Mortal coils wrapped tightly bound

I wish I wait I cry

No peace that could be found

Twisting ever tighter I clutch my chest holding

Hands claw at skin clammy is their touch

Upon these tears swiftly falling

O how my heart beats like pounding rain

Thumps murderously in my chest

A bitter sweet sensation of tender pain

Never ending waves of desire

No peace no comfort to be found

Breath escapes in heaving fire

Run upon aching ground

Branches strike my skin

Not even thistles or thorns tearing

Could ease this thought this mortal sin

Run Run deeper into the night

Crawl now as my breath escapes

Freedom unravelled from this fight

Into the woods surrendered to thought

Watching silently

Licking wounds from battles fought

On the full moons nigh shall hear the call

Sounds of aching hearts

Through the night as the last echo falls

Another coil winds its way and starts



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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