Warlocks Pain

On fires night the dawn burst

Through the trees he walked

Fear gripped an innocent heart

Lost in the wilderness

Upon crystal eyes she looked

Not fearing what would come

Knowing that he always was

Always is

When The End Of The Road Approches

When Everywhere Has Been Discovered

When Everything Has Been Conquered

 The Last Place To Go Is Home

Where He Has Never Been

But Where He Know She Never Was

And Will Never Be

Silent whispers upon the wind

Of memories swirling

Where could thoust be

But a distant glimpse

Twas not of flesh she felt

But of spirits Caress

Battle crys held silently to the darkness

Endless night upon fields of red

Blood stained faces of old

To the woods she took

The secrets never to be told

Even Death Could Not Separate Him From His Quest

Finding The Half Soul Who Was Never Home

Defying Infernals, A Pact Was Made

Being Able To See Her A Last Time

Before Entering Eternal Doom

Through eternal forests she wondered

Pondering thought and heart

Trees whispers filled with truth

The last moment before the end

To walk the forest eternal and alone

A moment’s comfort on stranger’s lips

Upon dawns early light

Only the smoke of the fire remained

Never to see him again


The Mirror

Kiuas Ialkanun Warlock! whose hands are pure,whose doctrine & whole life coincident,exhibit licid proof that he is honest in the sacred cause. To such he render more than mere respect,whose actions say that he respect himself. To make his work a sincere slave to his own pleasure and his patrons pride for such apostles, Oh,ye mitred heads,preserve his words his magick ways! And lay not careless hands on sculls that cannot teach, and will not learn.
Would I describe myself,such as Rayvhenwing were you all on earth,would hear,approve.approve,and own – should he himself direct it. I would trance his Master stokes,and draw from his design, I would express him simple,grave,sincere,in doctrine uncorrupt,in languge plain,and plain in manner,decent,solemn,chaste and natural in gesture,much impressed himself,as concsious of his awful change and axiety mainly that his flock he feeds may feel it too,affectionate in look and tender in address,as well becomes a messenger of grace to each guilty man.
Behold the picture! It is like? Like whom? a pretty face in presence of his maker will he seek to dazzle you all with tropes as with the diamond on his lily hand,and play his brilliant parts before your eyes,he mocks prostitutes,instead looks for truths,displaying his beauty,never staves his flock!
Therefore,avaunt all attitude,and stare,and start theatric,practised at the glass! I seek devine simplicity Im him who handles things devine,and all besides tho learned with labour,and tho much admired by curious eyes and judgements ill-informed heard at conventicle,mislead by custom,strain celestial themes ,that task performed,relapse into themselves,and having spoken wisely,at the close and give proof to every eye,but how a body so fantastic,trim and quaint,in its deportment and attire,can lodge an heavenly mind – demands a doubt he that negociates between The Creator and man,as The Creators anbassador,the grand concerns of judgement and of mercy,should beware of lightness in his speech,tis pitiful to court a grin,when you should woo his soul.~Rayvhenwing~


~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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