what do we really look like

Ponder this image and think of your being.

Awakening to the Divine – Most are forgetting that the most important aspect that they must embody it the connection to their Higher Selves. I see the desperation of those who feel they are trying but the concept illudes them. Your Higherself is you, only that part of you exists in an energetic space with access to all the information that is you was you and always is you. If we release ourselves from our mortal coil and realise that we are energetic beings of light, full of  bliss contained within the heartspace of love. Yes we are an energy field of light, flowing spiraling down through the center of us and out around us.
Pythagoras tested his students with the knowledge by giving them and apple and asking them to reveal the secret of the apple. For the secret to all life is contained within the apple. This is why it was used symbolically in the story of Adam and Eve. How fooled we were over the course of our lifetimes to be told the parable and believe that the Source consciousness could condem for the rest of our days for seeking to eat the fruit of knowledge and shred the Goddess down to a sinner. If you look upon the humble apple the crisp smooth skin sweet and crunchy, a perfect neat little snack, how tempting.But the apple does contain a secret for it is a visual tool to explain what we are. Cut the apple diagnally at an angle of 19.5 degrees and you will see a pattern resembling Da Vincis Man.

The students were to relate this visual to how it relates to the energetic field around us and the seeds of the apple representing the seeds of all life.

So the humble apple was the first Clue in what we are and the field that is us.

Must go off and ponder some more.


My Friend wrote this and it is timely:


You always where in total love with yourself, But being that shining god or goddess or with christ consciousness, means we have to create and or work with our purpose so that we can feel our love. So probably it is your purpose that calls when you feel disconnected, sad and or empty.


~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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