Winds of Change

On the winds of change I hold my breath

Watching the unfolding of thought

An endless fractal of coloured hues

Rolls as an endless sea before me

Of distant horizons where suns rise and set

Endless the whirlpool drawing ever near

Thoughts irrationally set on human minds

Grasping to understand the new dawn

Of ethereal threads reaching taking hold

Once invisible but seen upon the grids

What is this cosmic landscape that I now see

Images flicker like the reel of old movies

Sounds harmonics echo through thought

Before me the skull sits silent mouth

But for the sound ringing through my ears

Of Laws of Ol it speaks is silent sound

Holding my gaze its sightless eyes stare deep

Through the core of my soul questions asked

Are you worthy do you see what you are

Again the ethereal threads burst with silent sound

Physical form no long exists

Just endless bursting threads of light

Weaving endless fractals abound

Sent forth conscious thought

A thread leaves and entwines

Manifesting the energetic wave

In awe I stand

In awe I am

No longer human

But upon the winds of change

Silently manifesting



~ by turukai on September 26, 2011.

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