Seeing Alignment Numbers

I start to type this post and what happens the time is 11:11

No guessing that I am being guided to put this here.

So i was going to start out by saying are you seeing the digital clock line up to numbers

such as o wait 11:11, shall I put my hand up and say me base on the spooky coincidence that just occured.

I have been searching the internets and looking for a summary about the alignment numbers and what should I stumble across but this document, written by another Shekinah which of course made me smile. So happy reading.

“Spirit will always find a way to communicate to you through your life. One way is through numbers. Notice how your life is filled with them.


Anytime the numbers appear and you have the feeling of the presence of Spirit, notice what is going on in your life.

The Goddess is present

The Angels are with you

A power house of Angels are available to assist you or try to get your attention

Archangel Michael is nearby

Archangel Michael. His energies of power, change and emphasis are put into service

Archangel Raphael is ready for help. He provides healing energies

Christ energies are offered to you

The ascended masters, higher beings and higher realms are available. Esoteric information is accessible

New frequencies are coming in. All past cycles have been completed

An opening to the higher reams is happening now. Star energies are coming in

The doorway to the higher realms are opening. Enjoy the journey

This is what they mean and they seem to resonate well at this time of change.”

Much Love



~ by turukai on September 27, 2011.

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