Never Let Me Go

Candied words fall from liquideous lips

Woven into kaleidoscopic patterns of desire

Fingertips trace across willing flesh

Racing hearts energetic release through parted lips

Flushed this chest rippling waves encase

Pressed against flesh to flesh your lips trace

Over endlessly the mind floats upon the night sky

With me you fly upon the threads of conscious thought

Upon the feminine grace you mould deeply within

Endlessly careering to the dizzy height of willing desire

Your face serene as it floats above me

Passionate embrace released again upon waves of exaltation

My mind fuelled in endless surges of electricity

Fractals wind in and out behind closed eyes

Eons through space and time the feeling never ending

Some would say foolish minds cavort upon the Idol view

Perhaps wasted breath when not entwined in physical thought

Yet where would one dwell but in the arms of love over ages

Caress me my dear and tell me of the sweet desire that courses within

Whisper sweetly breathlessly upon my ear how your love grows

With each passing day

Fuel my mind on sweet delicious ligature that is your way

Let them watch as words fall delicately and entwine with swirling mists

Delicate fingers mark my lips in silent closing

Speak not of this you say upon the weary minds of mortal man

Release unto me your deepest desire

Keep not your passion upon the visual objects of befallen before thee

But release unto me your mind

Let us fuel the passionate fields of love with words that energise

Rekindle the minds energetic patterns and raise us unto the spiral

The web of all life the tree that has been climbed through centuries

Unveil  me like the threads upon the silken cloth that

Covers our bodies in exquisite gentle caresses

Unto me the intricate passion that lives within you

Hold me not till the time is said to say goodbye

But hold me to never let me go

© ~Turukai~


The Mirror


From an ebony abyss
the siren of darkness
rises wrapped in a flaming veil
as jagged wings
pierce through her skin
spreading out in a crucified pose
her banshee screams echo
the still air in rapturous waves
her piercing shrill awakening the one
who soars the ebony seas
of the damned through darkened mists
ebony eyes appear
this Raven of night emerges
swooping with lightening force
extinguishing the heated flames
as ashened bodies collide
talons of steel tear the flesh
in searing lashes droplets cascade
in crimson rivers the sweet nectar

of hells holywater passions escalate
raging in torrid ripples within veins that pulse
with synergistic synchronicity
thrusting his manhood deep into
the core of his Darkened Angel
twisted he arched her hallowed moans
echo now with his ,as a volcanic eruption
shakes this ethereal realm awakening his lifeless soul
that wanders this earth below

As my smile becomes hers the tears

I shed are that of herself as I take her pain

and she takes mine so willingly-

my heart is within her chest

as hers is within mine-

all that I am is hers as she is mine-

The endless search of wondering where she is

comes to an end as loves union places her within me

for every second of every moment of morning and night

Eternally bound we are to a higher power

that of ourselves entwined into each other

as the mirror reflects back my eyes within hers

as we soar to the gates of illuminated bliss…..

© ~Enercia~


~ by turukai on September 29, 2011.

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