The Temple was bathed in moonlight torches lined either side of the hall suspended on pillars. They glowed with a mixture of gold and iridescent blue. The three priestesses had prepared the enchantments it was the third sisters turn for she had just completed her initiation. She stood in the middle of the three.  At the doors of the temple stood the guardians in their Lion Glory their muscular bodies painted in gold for this occasion. Annubis sat in his chair surrounded by the Crystals of Hathor each one representing the elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.  As the Priestesses entered they began to sing. With their song each of the elements began to activate creating a pyramid vortex over Annubis, in his hands he held the blue flame and the red flame, he would only activate them to open the portal when she stepped into the centre with him.

The priestess was nervous for she was still new to this and was not used to the initial process of the physical aspects before setting forth into universe to bring back the new information.  She could hear the humming of the crystals the Temple now bathed is swirling mists. Her voice never faulted. She felt both her hands now intertwined with her sisters as they led her through the hall towards him. She watched him intently as he sat his golden eyes laminated by the flames. As she looked around she saw the great brotherhood 12 of them also chanting, and off to the side sat the scribe, already in his on trance state waiting. Often she noticed the scribe would already be between worlds by the time the ceremony had begun.

Up the three steps she silently climbed her sisters beside her, she stood in front of Annubis. A bowl of liquid was brought to her which she took up and drank from. The cool bitter taste  made her shudder, but was followed by a warm sensation that rippled through her body.  Her eyes blurred for but a second and the room changed, now it was just Annubis who stood before her his eyes now connected with her looking so deeply she knew he was now tapped into the vortex. The blue and red flame were brought together and the final stage of the opening had begun.

She broke from his gaze for but a moment and realised that surrounding her was what looked like a nebula, grids spanned out from her feet she knew she was now in the vortex and was seeing the same as Annubis. Still she sang bringing through the enchantment and accessing universal template law to bring through.  The next process took her by surprise as she felt Annubis connect with her.

Suddenly seeing with his eyes and her own, the activation and gridding sequences began to resonate down through them.  Their breathing cyclical and breathing through each other . The vortex bringing through the electromagnetic harmonic alignments, each one in the room vibrating at this frequency.

This was the second attempt to reactivate the Crystals after Atlantis.



~ by turukai on October 2, 2011.

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