Memories of Lemuria

Watched by porcelain face and fire eyes,

Faces swimming in the darkness flash before me

Allowed to flutter to the sky through hearts harmonics

Happiness was given to show that I need not fear

For who was to come would awaken great sadness within

In the silence he came to the cabin he took me

The darkest night bathed in moonlight so I could see

Books he presented only they were mine taken from the records

I gaze upon them and said “Is that me”

A warrior with her hordes golden sword held high

Battle cries escape her mouth

Two lifetimes he said spent on the wings of the dragon

Confusion seared through my mind

Eyes of black, chiselled stern face looked upon mine

Searching for the moment

You are the Killer of the Dolphins’ he said

The words searing through my heart like fired iron

Flashing tunnels I travelled transported to another world

I gazed upon the sea in the Golden light they came

Speaking to me of what must be done, great fear in their cries

They bobbed upon the sea heads raised to the sky

Telling me that this was not how it was suppose to be

Ocean silently rippled around them as they sang their song

Crying tears for the destruction they sent forth to my mind

Running now over rocks and stone I felt no pain

To the dome I ran, breathing hard I knew not if I could sing

The crystals sat humming but not for long

As the harmonics began their chorus through my body I could sense

A fracture the Dolphins’ were right something had gone astray

I sang through my heart trying to fix what we had done

But as each harmonic embedded itself the crystals began to crack

The crystal grid was falling apart and nothing could be done

My sisters faces washed with fear sang with me for the wrongs to be set right

There was nothing we could do but flee

Higher ground someone cried as the earth began to rumble

The waves soon came and my brothers were washed upon the jagged rocks

My heart bled for I knew that the way the crystals were aligned incomplete

Shattered thoughts bleeding hearts our world disappeared

Fleeing souls upon wings of light blinked out of existence whilst my brothers bled

Hands remove mine from my face and wipe my tears

To the cabin I returned, words stern said

Make no mistake you must release this for you are here to do it again

Release that pain and set forth the knowledge

Shaking and shuddering I was returned to my bed

Porcelain face and fire eyes kissing my brow and soothing my heart

© ~Turukai~


~ by turukai on October 2, 2011.

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