Raven Spirt

This is a memory from the 1800’s

Darkness surrounds only the echoes of my footsteps on the cobblestones. Cool is the night air but pleasant. Hands reach down and hitch the folds of my dress. Realising I am touching velvet I look down. My dress black and crimson a rope belt loosely falls off my hips. Large triangular sleeves fall from my arms. On my chest a silver Ankh with a green stone reflecting deep blue hues, just a glimmer of gold. My hair falls long and is dark blacker that any colour I have ever seen, Almost blue. Three steps up and I find myself at the door. A large wooden door greets me, iron casings with large metal bolts, I look to open the handle and find it opens of its own volition. Smoothly, silently, warm air this time washes over my face. The scent I am not aware but sweetly it enters my senses and is familiar.  Twelve Pillars line the halls, smooth and dark the floor polished I look down and see my reflection. Pale is the face that looks back at me, Lips as red as blood, deep dark eyes, show hidden knowledge. I am taken aback by this site, for it is an unfamiliar incarnation to me but my feeling within tells me I know this girl well, and she is me. I hear feathers! Ruffled, though what I was hearing was far bigger than just a normal bird. I look up. At the end of the great hall 12 pillars aligned shrouded in golden light I see. Breath escapes my lips in a deep gasp, my heart flutters, and suddenly I remember.”How long has it been my dear “,I hear in my head. A glistening eye watches me as I approach. “It has been too long Ahrudhai” I reply.

This form before me I know is of the divine feminine, she stands watching me approach. She is as dark as the night, her feathers glisten like gold in the firelight. My stomach feeling like its rotating on its own.  Again I hear “ Fly with me upon wings of the night and I will show you the place of the sun”  I look down at the floor my face mirrored back to me,  fear washes across my eyes, not hidden from the eye watching me. “ Do  not fear child this is what you have chosen”

And in a moment before me stands my mirror, taking my hand and sitting me upon the stone steps.  His face mirrored with mine lips so crimson, eyes so dark. My mind echoes with the words “How I have missed thee.” But on this night no comfort will be felt from those arms.  Again no words transpire other than those that echo in my head. “ You must take flight, the night awaits you, there is a moment where you will feel as though you are in a void but your memories will return upon your entrance to the other side.” As I turn to look upon his face, he is gone. And again Ahrudhai is before me. The eye almost pressed to my face she beckons , I climb upon her back, she takes flight feeling like the 12 pillars are not going to bear her wingspan she comforts me and tells me not to fear. Into the night we soar, portal after  portal she shows me, filling my head with incantation after incantation. Showing me what it is that I am, showing me that this is a memory that I must not forget. Each moment of my life laid before me, each decision I made shown with each cause and effect. Those who opposed me laid at my feet, shown the mirrored aspect of self. Some images tormented, some released.  And forever the Raven said remember me for I am within you.





~ by turukai on October 2, 2011.

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