The Keepers of Ole

In the paradigm of all that is stands hearts melded in form. Unified by the guild, of contracted agreement that placed them here upon this plane. Walking endlessly through the shadows of life they touch upon hearts of others so delicately that they leave a sense of wonder. Only their own journeys drive them forward into the abyss that is life. Searching endlessly for the soul to become whole, within the secret wish and desire of all. Silently they wrap their ideals and hearts in the fabric of silken time, tenderly holding it close within their arms cradled. What they see is beyond the veil moving pictures moving in and out of thought. Cleverly they look upon these images and see that they are intricate stories already woven within the depths of time.  Bringing back knowledge long forgotten from the minds of mortal men, but yet still so important to show the path that when awakened no longer mortal the soul sees its path. Endlessly upon continuous spiral patterns the lore unto itself weaves intricately in and out of substance. The keeper sees upon all and diligently performs the duty of secret parchments held close to hearts. Upon the ink set forth the worlds words of all souls held. Should the barer of these words choose to share. Endlessly tormented the Keeper hides this form of torture deep within, for their strength unparallel to those they walk amongst. Perhaps to be looked upon as the keepers of secrets but yet they share in misted world wielded into form. Look upon the words so diligently written in the blood of ages and see before you the disappearing words, but yet the chanted fear shows that words have not gone but deep within the mind of the eyes that beheld them. From source they came, to source they shall return the path of one written in tablets of old. The quickening of the pages turning now a need felt rush how the words so vastly written occupy all forms now. How sweet the silent ones watch wait and effect those that they pass along their journey. No longer tortured by mortal man for the things they know, effected now by their own internal conflict of what they see and what is said.

The Lore Keepers have returned.



The Mirror


The soul can mix with the celestial beings
and give the strain the compass it demands
to find home again,strange tidings these to tell
the world who treat all but their own experience as deceit!

Will they believe,though credulous enough
to swallow much upon much weaker proof
that there are light beings,inhabitants of earth
partakers of a new ethereal birth,their hopes
desires,and purposes estranged from
things terrestrial,and divinely changed
there very language of a kind that speaks
the souls sure interest in the good it seeks..

Who deal with false scripture,its importance
was felt as truely with philosophy once dealt
and in the silent watchers of the night
& through the scenes of true renewing light
the social walk,or solitary ride and keep the
dear companion at their side…

Yes its true the doctrines warpt to what
they never meant that truth itself
is in ones head is dull,and useless as
a candle in a scull,and all the love of The
Creator a groundless claim,a trick upon
the canvas,painted flame,tell them again
who I am the seer, upon their faces
and all the censures of the work of grace
are insincere,meant only to conceal
a dread he would not,yet forced to feel…
The Lore Keepers protectors
of the kindred children-They are
The Kings & Queens!!….



~ by turukai on October 2, 2011.

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