Through the Universe

Was this a dream? Was it real?

Mists parted and I became aware that I was no longer a sleep, feeling like I was constantly fainting I forced myself this time to stay present where ever this was. Looking down at my feet I had no shoes but to my awe there was no floor. I was standing on what looked like air. Down upon green perfectly formed fields I looked. A thought entered my mind as I watched these fields by looking down, this is how we make crop circles, the ones today will show the progression of the shaking of the earth. How she will shake ever intensifying with each rumble. As she does this the image will show her vibrational evolution. The Mayan encoded this in their wheel of time, they showed this intricately. And with each shaking a stargate opens. All who look upon this circle will understand what they are seeing for it is time for them to see.

Again the sensation of fainting strong arms folded around my waist to catch me. Its okay my sweet the voice spoke soothingly in my mind. Fighting that feeling again I forced myself back into the consciousness of where I was. Looking up again no walls looked like they surrounded me, but I could now see out Galaxy and the great central sun shone brightly. Again this soothing voice pointed out where Earth was and as we watched they spoke of the great energy that would expand across our galaxy as the great sun shifted and expanded. Only once every 26,000 years they said this happens. Why it happens they dont know, what they do know is the last time this happened, Life on the planet began to move into a de evolutionary phase, the earths magnetic field became negatively charged and affected those who inhabited the earth. This time the charge they said would be a mixed alignment of both negative and positive charged particles sent forth. What you and many have been experiencing is the polarity at this time from extreme positive energetic charged phases to extremely negative particles. The process that you are all entering you have a choice to align yourselves to the balance particle phase. Belief understanding and knowledge are now keys to your evolution.

After that only peaceful slumber remained those arms carried me and layed me down with a comforting caress as  I returned to my bed. When I awoke the covers had been neatly placed around me. I thought this strange as I know when I fell into my bed I was not under the covers as it was a balmy night.


~ by turukai on October 2, 2011.

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