My Orrin

Shackled and chained I walk forwards

Rattle and tinkle the chains will smile

The feeling of freedom so falsely given

Snapped back to your feet I look upon eye gazing

With trepidation and leering sneer

Cold finger touched under the chin so delicate

With icy breath where are you going Dear?

Eons ago you sold your soul fallen at my feet

You give me no choice now but to remind you

This day would come and you will remember

On the firey cliff face that is your life

The begging promise you made of painful woe

Tormented through eons of time

For hearts you begged to return to light

Forsaken your own

You chose this life of infinite love and pain

So placed the knife in your own heart

Only a fool could not see the promise you made

Tis time now child to release the bind

But cut of the shackle it is your free will

My Orrinn with Ice steel glare

Laughs placidly upon tear streaked face

The choice is yours he says

But for sacrifice willing

Where do you stand now my dear

Is not your heart so willing

Another slave he laughed

To join the others so fragile

For when free will is given

The souls of light wait

Hesitate too long and the sacrifice is you

Where now does this pain deep in my chest

The understanding of what I sold

Could eons of time not lift the curse

Set upon this heart so fooled

This life on earth lead so willing

Tis the ultimate sacrifice to pay

Of love loss and heart ache

So now my Orrin I give back to you

The promise that I made

Upon the day my awareness broke

And truely I saw you again

I give to you the shackle that is me

Released upon the cosmic flame

Allow the sons of light to take my wounded heart

And place it back where it belongs

For the fine line of light and dark

The path beset before thee

Its now time I cut the shackles

And heal the sadness within me




The Mirror

His well-built systems,philisophic dreams
deceitful views of future bliss,farewell!
He reads his sentence at the flames of your hell
Hard lot of this man to toil for his reward of virtue
and yet lose it! Wherefore hard?
He that would win the race must guide his horse
obedient to the unequalled to the goal he flies
a meaner than himself shall gain the prize
Grace leads him the right way,if you choose the wrong
take it,and perish, but restrain your tongue on change of name
Charge not,with light sufficient,and left free
your wilful suicide on The Creators decree
Oh how unlike the complex works of him,light easy
artless,uncumbered,plan no meretricious graces to beguile
no clustering ornaments to clog the wheels
from ostentation,as from weakness, free
it stands like the cerulean arch we see
mahestic in its own simplicity
Inscribed above the portal,from afar
conspicuous as the brightness of a star
ligible only by the light they give
stand the soul quickening words – BELIVE AND LIVE!
too many,shocked at what should charm them most
despise the plain direction and are lost
The Creator is on such terms! (they cry,with proud distain)
Incredible,impossible,and vain
rebel,because ’tis easy to obey
and scorn for its own sake,the gracious way
These are the sober,in whose cooler brains
some thought of immortality remains
the rest,too busy,or too gay to wait
on the sad theme,their everlasting state
sport for a day,and perish in a night
the foam upon the waters no so light
Who judged the pharisee? What odious cause
exposed him to the vengeance of their laws
Had he seduced a virgin,wronged a friend
or stabbed a man to serve some private end
was blasphemy his sin? or did he stray
from the strict duties of the sacred day?
Sit long and late at the carousel board
(such were the sins with which he charged his lady)
No – the man’s morals were exact
what then? Twas his ambition to be seen
His virtues were his pride,and that one vice
made all his virtues gewgaws of no price
he wore them,as fine trappings,for a show
a synagogue-frequenting,beauty
The self-applauding bird,Raven see –
what a sumptous pharisee is he!
Meridian sun-beams tempt him to unfold
his radiant glories azure,green & black he treads as if
some solemn music near,his measured step were governed
by his ear and seems to say – Ye meaner give place
I am all splendour,dignity and grace!
Though he,too has a glory in his plumes
He,is light like,retreats with modest mein
to the closed dark corners,or far-sequestered green
and shines,without desiring to be seen
The plea of words,as arrogent and vain
Hights he turns from with abhorrence and distain
not more affronted by a vowed neglect
than by the mere dissemblers feigned respect
what is all righteousness that he devise
What but a sordid bargain for the skies?
But the creator as soon would abdicate his own
as stoop from light to sell the proud a throne.
His dwelling a recess in some rude rock
but his words prefered to saints that cannot aid
his praise postponed and never to be paid
see the sage hermit,by mankind admired
with all the bigotry adopts inspired
wearing out life in his special whim
till his special whim wears out him
his words,his abstinence,his zeal,allowed
you think him humble – The Creator accounts him proud
high in demand though lowly in pretence
of all his conduct this the genuine sense
my penitential stipes,my streaming blood
have purchased light and proove my title good
and so who’s Orrinn when hes at home….


~ by turukai on October 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “My Orrin”


  2. Echoing in this room my silent sighs escape me, I wonder if you can sense me in here also,simply tip toeing across each written thread, remembering when words I said to you were spoken..oooh Its amazing seeing all pieces put together makes a whole cobweb of essence’s dosn’t it..Love you..

    ~Vlada Enercia Sui Generis~

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